Ali Sami Yen
Ali Sami Yen (1886-1951)

Ali Sami Yen, born in Kandilli, Istanbul (Constantinople), Ottoman Empire on 20 May 1886, is best known as the founder of Galatasaray Sports Club. His original name was Ali Sami Frashëri and he is the son of Sami Frashëri, one of the most famous Albanian writers, philosophers and playwrights. After the enactment of law on family names in 1934, he took the surname Yen, which literally means “beat!”.

He was a student at the prestigious Galatasaray Lycee in Istanbul. In October 1905, he decided with some of his fellow students to create a football club. At the beginning, the stated goal was “To play together like Englishmen, to have a color and a name, and to beat the other non Turkish teams” according to him.
Ali Sami Yen founded the colours of Galatasaray, stating, "We were imagining brightness of yellow - red fire over our team and thinking that it would carry us from one victory to another."
In 1905, during the era of the Ottoman Empire, there were no laws for associations so the club could not be registered officially, but, after the 1912 Law of Association, the club registered legally.
Yen was the club's first president for 13 years, between 1905 and 1918, and again for a brief spell in 1925. Besides founding Galatasaray SK, he made numerous other contributions to Turkish sports. He was president of the Turkish National Olympic Committee between 1926 and 1931. He coached the Turkish national team in its first international match, in 1923 against Romania.
Ali Sami Yen died in 1951.
As founder and first president of Galatasaray SK, Ali Sami Yen gave his name to Galatasaray's stadium. With a capacity of 25,000 seats, the Ali Sami Yen Stadium is situated in the center of Istanbul, in Mecidiyeköy.